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Who Pays for Transportation Cost?

Visitation schedules often involve transportation costs, as parents arrange for the transfer of the child. It’s very important to define who is responsible for paying the transportation costs for visitation exchanges.

In some visitation schedules, the parent who is exercising visitation, or the non-custodial parent, is expected to pay for the costs of transportation. Those costs may be lower in the case of an intra-city visitation schedule, in which both of the parents are living within the same city, and not too far away from each other. In such cases, expenses are likely to be much lower.

Some visitation schedules will involve one parent who lives out of town or even out of state. In these cases, transportation expenses are much higher, and transportation is also likely to be more logistically challenging. For instance, if one parent lives out of town, or out of state, it may not always be possible for the noncustodial parent to pick up or drop the child off.

No matter what type of parenting schedule or visitation schedule you are currently following, it is best to clearly define who is responsible for transportation costs during visitation. In cases, where the child has to travel by commercial flight to the non-custodial parent’s residence, it is important to clearly define who is responsible for the flight tickets, transportation to and from the airport, and other costs.

Don’t simply assume that the parent exercising visitation will bear all of the expenses involved in transportation. Clearly specify who will be responsible for what costs. Don’t leave these matters unresolved, or worse, take on responsibility for all transportation costs, without completely understanding how much this will cost you in the future.

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