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What to Expect During a Divorce

Many men find that the divorce process throws up many more surprises than they were prepared for. Unfortunately, there are many myths about divorce.

The division of assets may not be according to your expectations.

Even if the marital assets are meant to be divided between the two of you equally, you might find that some of your separate assets are regarded as marital assets, and are divided between the two of you.

If you are expecting the divorce process to be nothing but documentation, you will also be surprised.

There are plenty of formalities to hash out, especially those that relate to spousal maintenance, child support, child custody, division of assets, and others. All of these will be based on extensive negotiations between your attorneys and your spouse and her attorneys. You might be required to visit the courthouse more than a few times. Ultimately, filing for divorce is not as easy as signing divorce papers.

You also might be surprised at how little marital misconduct by your spouse has to do with the ultimate settlement that you end up with.

Your spouse may have been unfaithful, greedy, and an overall obnoxious person, but that might have little to do with the alimony that you have to pay her. There are exceptions of course, so do discuss these with your Colorado divorce lawyer.