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What is Parenting Time?

Parenting time, or visitation as it is more commonly known as, refers to the time given to the parent to spend with the child.

Parenting time is a critical aspect of a child custody agreement. The parenting time will be determined at the time of the issuance of the child custody order. It is best that parents negotiate with each other, and come to a decision about how much time the each parent will spend with the child.

If the two of you, however, cannot come to a decision on parenting time on your own, the courts may step in. A court will take into consideration a number of factors before it decides to determine parenting time. For instance, it may consider the child’s preferences, the parent’s ability to provide a stable and loving environment for the child, any parental history of drug or alcohol abuse, or domestic violence, and other factors.

If you find somewhere down the line that you want to change the parenting schedule, you can file a motion for modification. For instance, if you believe that exposure to the other parent could possibly impact the child’s physical, emotional or psychological well-being, then you can ask the court to modify the parenting time by filing a Motion to Modify Parenting Time.

A court will not agree to change the visitation schedule simply because you ask it to. It will consider a number of factors to decide whether the schedule should be modified. For example, if you request to change the parenting time schedule because your ex-spouse suffers from a substance abuse problem, you must be prepared to provide solid evidence that the parent suffers from a condition that impairs his parenting abilities.

For help establishing your rights to the custody of your child, speak to a Colorado family lawyer.