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What is a Discovery?

Discovery is the process of extracting information about the other party’s case. It is a highly recommended step when you are on the path to a trial to resolve your divorce, because it helps you learn about the other party’s case.

It is important to get facts about the other party’s case, and the evidence that your ex-wife and her attorneys plan to provide at the trial so that you’re prepared. Discovery eliminates the element of suspense in a divorce trial. When you are aware of all the evidence and facts that the other side will prevent, and vice versa, it is much more likely that the two sides will come to a settlement of the divorce.

There are several stages in the discovery process. First, the two parties will demand disclosure. They will demand certain objects, documents or items from the other party, and these must be provided within a specified time frame.

Each side will also receive a interrogatory, which is a list of questions from the opposing party. Your ex-wife will send you the interrogatory that you must fill out and send within a specified time frame.

You will also get a chance to deny or admit certain facts, during the discovery process. This stage is called Admission of Facts. During discovery, you may also be given the chance to ask for certain documents. For instance, you may ask for financial documents, like bank statements, and your soon-to-be- ex-wife must provide them. She can also ask for documents from you.

Finally, discovery also includes the deposition process which is the process of interviewing witnesses, including your ex-wife to get more information about the case.

Discuss what else you can expect during the discovery process with a Colorado family lawyer.