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Warning Signs of Trouble in Your Marriage

Very often, the announcement of a divorce comes as a complete surprise to the other spouse in the relationship. Such divorces can be very traumatic but, there is no really such thing as a surprise divorce. No one wakes up one fine day, and decides that they want to end the relationship. There may be warning signs in your marriage that you have not been noticing.

If you have recently found yourself wondering if everything is OK with your marriage, you might want to consider whether your marriage is in trouble and you don’t even know it. Just because your marriage is free from verbal fights, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a happy marriage.

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Lack of Conversation/Communication

If you find that you and your spouse no longer are able to hold a conversation together, you might want to wonder where your marriage is headed. Some couples in a troubled marriage can go for days without having any sort of meaningful interaction with each other.

Excessive Criticism

If you have found yourself becoming overly critical of your spouse in recent days, or have been received at the receiving end of criticism by your partner over trivial things, consider whether there is a deeper source of that criticism. If your spouse has decided that he or she wants to end the marriage, then he or she may find a lot to criticize.

Withholding Information

Other warning signs are when your partner no longer wants to share important information about his work life with you. If you find out about problems at his office from his colleague, you may want to understand why your spouse did not want to share such important information with you.

Lack of Intimacy

A lack of marital intimacy is one of the biggest signs of impending doom in your marriage. No one expects a couple to feel as passionate with each other with over the years, as they did during the initial days of the relationship, but if you find that physical affection between the two of you has declined to the point of nonexistence, you may want to seek relationship counseling.

Other Warning Signs

Endless arguing over trivial subjects, constantly wanting to spend time away from the spouse either by reading a book or watching television, or wanting to get out of the house to avoid being in the same room with your partner, not wanting to dress up for your partner, or neglecting your appearance to the point that you don’t really care what your partner thinks about the way you look -all of these could be signs of trouble that you may not want to ignore.

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