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What are Temporary Court Orders?

After a couple files for divorce, there may be a gap of several weeks or even months, before the divorce is finalized. For instance, there will be questions about who is required to pay the expenses of the children, and which parent the children will live with until the divorce is finalized. There will also be questions about spousal maintenance payments during the time that the divorce is in process.

Such questions are handled through a temporary court order. A temporary court order can help you claim child support payments, and define the custody of the child while the divorce is in process. The court order could also include arrangements for the maintenance of the wife while the divorce is in process.

Who can seek a temporary court order?

Either party can seek temporary orders, a white may request maintenance for herself and for her children could ask the court to issue a court order that will mandate such payments on a temporary basis. The court will decide to place these requests on a fast track, and hearings will be scheduled within a period of days.

However, you can also use a court order to demand that the wife does not sell any of the assets in the home, and also to establish visitation and child custody arrangements during the divorce. You will need to furnish a request for the particular court order that you want, as well as a written statement that clearly outlines all of the facts that justify the temporary court order.

The temporary court order is separate from the permanent court order for alimony, child support and other issues when the divorce was finalized. However, the final court order may be influenced by the temporary court order, and therefore it is important that you have a say in what the temporal court orders will include.

Speak to a Colorado family lawyer about getting a temporary court order to protect your interests.