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Co-Parenting Tips for Colorado Dads

One type of parenting arrangement that Colorado judges are very much in favor of, and which has also been found very beneficial for children, is the co-parenting arrangement. In this type of arrangement, the parents will typically share duties and responsibilities bringing up the child. Studies have indicated that children in co-parenting arrangements enjoy a much more connected relationship with both parents, and actually enjoying greater feelings of stability, compared …Read More

Parenting Tips for Fathers in High Conflict Situations

In any divorce that has been traumatic, has involved infidelity or adultery, or has been contentious due to other reasons, there is a high likelihood that your co-parenting arrangement will suffer as a result. If you are currently a father in a challenging situation, where you are trying to co-parent with an ex-wife who is making matters difficult, it is on you take responsibility to be a better parent. For …Read More