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Does the Child Have a Say in Custody Matters in Colorado?

The decision to award child custody is based on a number of factors, including the wishes of the parents, the financial situation of the parents, the emotional stability of the parents, the kind of environment that the parent can provide for the child, and other factors. Typically, the law does not like to involve children in court proceedings, especially when they’re at a young or tender age. However, in Colorado, …Read More

Who Pays for Transportation Cost?

Visitation schedules often involve transportation costs, as parents arrange for the transfer of the child. It’s very important to define who is responsible for paying the transportation costs for visitation exchanges. In some visitation schedules, the parent who is exercising visitation, or the non-custodial parent, is expected to pay for the costs of transportation. Those costs may be lower in the case of an intra-city visitation schedule, in which both …Read More

Virtual Visitation in Colorado Custody

In a situation in which the noncustodial parent lives in another town, or in another state, or even another country, it may not be possible to have a regular face-to-face visitation schedule. In such cases, a visitation schedule can involve frequent use of digital media or the Internet so that the child and parent can communicate with each other. Virtual visitation can involve the use of a number of types …Read More

How to Handle Transportation and Parenting Time Exchanges

When the terms of the child custody agreement are hashed out, it is important to work out details of transportation and exchanges as well. These include the logistics involved in transportation, including location, terms and costs and who is responsible for paying these. The transportation logistics involved in your visitation schedule may differ, depending on the geographic distance between the parental homes, and other factors. For instance, if your ex-spouse …Read More

My Ex is Not Following Parenting Time Orders

A parenting order is a court order that will determine the amount of time that you will spend with your children. If your ex-wife is in violation of the visitation order, or the parenting time order, and makes it difficult for you to see your child in accordance with the terms of the order, then you may have certain legal options. Speak to a Colorado divorce lawyer about what you …Read More

Determination of Parenting Time when Parents Live Far Apart

In Colorado, the court will take the child’s best interests into account when deciding child custody, visitation, and parenting time arrangements. It’s not just the physical and mental health of the child that the court will consider, but also his social and interpersonal exchanges, including his relationship with his siblings, parents, and other important adults in his life. While determining visitation agreements, the courts have full discretion. The court will …Read More