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What is Parallel Parenting – After a Divorce

Parallel parenting is a parenting arrangement which is a somewhat similar to a co-parenting arrangement. In this type of parenting, divorced parents in Colorado co-parent while maintaining very minimal contact with each other. Unlike in a co-parenting arrangement, in which both parents agree to work together for the benefit of the child, in a parallel parenting arrangement, the parents have as little contact with each other as is possible. Parallel …Read More

Parenting Tips for Fathers in High Conflict Situations

In any divorce that has been traumatic, has involved infidelity or adultery, or has been contentious due to other reasons, there is a high likelihood that your co-parenting arrangement will suffer as a result. If you are currently a father in a challenging situation, where you are trying to co-parent with an ex-wife who is making matters difficult, it is on you take responsibility to be a better parent. For …Read More