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Preparation for a Divorce Deposition

The divorce deposition is meant to provide an indication of what the testimony is likely to be when you actually appear in court for your divorce trial. Your attorney, for instance, will want to know all the facts and information in your case, so that you will establish the same facts at the trial. Meanwhile, the attorney for your ex-wife will also try to get information about you at the …Read More

What is a Discovery?

Discovery is the process of extracting information about the other party’s case. It is a highly recommended step when you are on the path to a trial to resolve your divorce, because it helps you learn about the other party’s case. It is important to get facts about the other party’s case, and the evidence that your ex-wife and her attorneys plan to provide at the trial so that you’re …Read More

What is a Divorce Deposition?

A divorce deposition is a part of the discovery process in a divorce. Discovery is a process before any divorce trial, in which both of the parties involved will try to gather as much information about each other as possible. One of the stages in the process of discovery is deposition. During a deposition, you, your soon-to-be ex-wife and your attorneys as well as a court reporter will meet and …Read More