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Does the Child Have a Say in Custody Matters in Colorado?

The decision to award child custody is based on a number of factors, including the wishes of the parents, the financial situation of the parents, the emotional stability of the parents, the kind of environment that the parent can provide for the child, and other factors. Typically, the law does not like to involve children in court proceedings, especially when they’re at a young or tender age. However, in Colorado, …Read More

Factors the Court Can Consider in Child Custody

A court will consider a number of different factors when determining child custody in a divorce case in Colorado. The judge can determine child custody decisions based on the child’s preferences, living arrangements, and parenting time, as well as the child’s relationship with each individual parent. The court will look at the child’s best interests, and in order to determine this, it will look at the quality of the child’s …Read More

What is Joint Custody?

One form of child custody arrangement, that has become very popular since the 1980s, is joint custody of. Earlier, an overwhelming majority of child custody cases were decided based on the sole custody principle in which one person, usually the mother, gained sole or primary custody of the child. The mother, in these cases, was responsible for making most of the decisions for the child. In a joint custody arrangement, …Read More

Common Terms Used in Child Custody

If you’re currently engaged in a child custody dispute, or negotiation with a spouse, it is important for you to understand some of the key terms that are used by the court system to refer to many of these arrangements. The Best Interests of the Child A key term that you need to be familiar with in any child custody matter, is the “best interests of the child.” You’ll find …Read More

Getting through the First Holiday Season after a Divorce

For fathers, the first holiday season after a divorce can be especially painful. Even if the divorce was something that you wanted, you will feel the pangs of separation, especially from your children, during the first holidays after the end of your marriage. Don’t make major plans for the first holiday after the divorce. Sometimes, men go all-out to make a big splash to prove to everyone that they are …Read More