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Recovering From and Moving on After a Divorce

Dragging guilt around, and holding onto resentment for months after a divorce are some of the ways that many men ensure they are simply unable to move on after a divorce.

How does one move on after the divorce?

Learn to let go of the guilt.

There is accepting blame for your role in the divorce, and there is self-flagellation. The latter is self-defeating and can drag you back away from the road towards recovering and healing.

Accept that you had a role in the ending of the marriage, but stop playing “what-if” games with yourself.

Open your eyes to the possibilities that now lay ahead of you in your relationship with your kids. You will find that you’re a much more involved and genuine parent.

Don’t jump back into the dating scene, and don’t get too serious with someone too soon after the divorce. This is a major mistake that many make. Experts suggest a gap of at least one year after the divorce is finalized, before dating.

Establish a routine in your life that you can look forward to. The days and weeks after the divorce can seem confusing, especially because life has changed dramatically, so injecting a small routine -something as simple as visiting a particular restaurant for dinner – could leave you feeling more stable and grounded.