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Preparation for a Divorce Deposition

The divorce deposition is meant to provide an indication of what the testimony is likely to be when you actually appear in court for your divorce trial. Your attorney, for instance, will want to know all the facts and information in your case, so that you will establish the same facts at the trial. Meanwhile, the attorney for your ex-wife will also try to get information about you at the deposition, so that he can point out inconsistencies in order to jeopardize your case.

Needless to say, preparation for deposition is important. It is crucial that you sit together with your lawyer, and work towards discussing answers to the questions that you are likely to be asked at the divorce deposition.

Preparation for a deposition can be thought of as similar to how you’d prepare for a job interview. Think of what questions could be asked of you. Be clear with your answers. For example, if you forget important details about your marriage like your children’s birth dates, it probably won’t look very good at the deposition.

Go through a practice session with your lawyer. Go through question answer sessions that will mimic the actual questions that you could possibly be asked by the other attorney during the deposition.

Talk with your attorney when preparing for a deposition.