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Pension Funds and Divorce

In many divorces, contention often involves the marital home. While the marital home is one of the most expensive assets, you simply cannot afford to ignore another very important asset – the pension fund, which can be the most expensive asset in a divorce.

In many cases, the pension fund may be worth more than the marital home. That’s because the housing market is unstable, and as homeowners saw just a few years ago, it doesn’t take long for the value of a property to plummet to unbearable levels. A pension fund, on the other hand, could simply have accumulated over the years until you have a really good nest egg that is up for division at the time of the end of the marriage.

A pension fund is also uniquely valuable in the event of a senior divorce. In such cases, the pension fund division takes on even greater importance because this is the only income that the senior can depend on.

If you are currently involved in a dispute over asset division in a divorce, speak to a Colorado divorce lawyer about protecting your interests. You might want to engage in a long drawn out battle in the marital home, and may realize later that the home comes with encumbrances, like a mortgage, maintenance costs, taxes, and other expenses that you can do without. Your pension fund, on the other hand, could be of more benefit to you than a home.

It’s important to avoid making emotional decisions during the divorce. It’s critical to plan for the future, and make decisions that benefit you not just in the short term, but also in the long run. Discuss your divorce strategy with a Colorado divorce lawyer.