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What is Parallel Parenting – After a Divorce

Parallel parenting is a parenting arrangement which is a somewhat similar to a co-parenting arrangement. In this type of parenting, divorced parents in Colorado co-parent while maintaining very minimal contact with each other.

Unlike in a co-parenting arrangement, in which both parents agree to work together for the benefit of the child, in a parallel parenting arrangement, the parents have as little contact with each other as is possible. Parallel parenting is often used as a solution for those high- conflict divorce situations, because amicable co-parenting is not possible and contact between the parents would be tension filled and not the best for the children.

Not all divorces are easily resolved. In many cases, a divorce can leave behind antagonism and resentment, and when spouses feel like that, it can be an effort for them to even be civil with each other. However, the parents do want to be the best parents that they can possibly be to their children.

In a parallel parenting arrangement, each parent will assume responsibility for different aspects of the child’s life. For instance, one parent may assume responsibility for taking the child to after -school activities, while the other parent is responsible for his medical care.

Parallel parenting does not mean that the parents do their own thing without consulting each other. They will agree on all the major decisions that are made about the child, but will take up different responsibilities related to the child’s day-to-daycare.

Parallel parenting is very suitable for those fathers who find that there is high conflict and agitation with the ex-wife. For example, an ex-wife who is disrespectful or misses no chance to be insulting may not be the kind of person you want to have frequent contact with and you understand that it can be damaging to the children. A parallel parenting arrangement could work better in this type of situation.