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How to Modify a Child Support Order

Child support orders that are finalized during the time of the divorce may not stand the test of time. There may be a change of circumstances that require a modification to the other. When those circumstances arise, it’s best to consult with a Denver child support family lawyer.

There must be a substantial and material change your circumstances for you to require a modification to the child-support order. Any family lawyer would recommend that you get together with your ex-spouse, and come to an argument on the modifications that work best for you. If you can agree to these modifications, then it is simply a matter of getting the court to sign the order.

For instance, if the noncustodial parent recently has lost a job, or has suffered a loss of income, there may be a valid reason to apply for a modification to the child support order. A parent who has recently lost a job is not going to be able to make child support payments on time. Similarly, if you are the custodial parent, and if the noncustodial parent recently has received a significant boost in income, then you may apply for a child support modification to increase the amount of child support that is being paid to you every month.

For obvious reasons, parents may not always agree with each other on the need for such modifications. The noncustodial parent who has received an increase in income may not agree that he now needs to pay extra in child support.

Speak to a Denver divorce lawyer about how you can apply for a modification. You may require a number of forms, including an attested financial statement, a copy of the previous child support order, a Motion to Support Modifying Child-Support, a Certificate of Compliance with Mandatory Financial Disclosure and other documents. Remember, if the change in circumstances not substantial enough, the court may deem that you are ineligible for modification.