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Modifications to a Divorce or Custody Degree

A divorce or child-support decree is typically final, and the court will not decide the matter again. However, you may be able to make modifications to your divorce decree or your child custody decree, provided that you can convince the court that there have been changes in your circumstances that call for such modification.

Not all parts of the divorce or child custody agreement may be alterable. For instance, if you want changes to be made to your child-support, child custody agreement, or alimony arrangements, these may be simpler to accomplish. However, you will find it near impossible to make any changes to the division of assets.

Typically, the most frequent reasons people need to make changes to their divorce agreement are changes in their ability to pay child support or their child custody situation. For example, a wife may petition the court for an order to modify the terms of the child support agreement, claiming that the current child support payments are inadequate to meet her expenses. In other cases, you may find that you are no longer able to make the same payment, because of lower income, loss of job or other such unavoidable changes in your circumstances. Similarly, changes can be made to the alimony part of the divorce agreement, if you are able to convince the court that there have been changes in your financial circumstances that require such a modification.

In all these cases, consult with a Colorado divorce lawyer because there are rules that apply to any petition asking for a post degree modification to your divorce-related agreements.

To get a modification to your divorce agreement or child custody/child-support agreement, you must first file a petition with the court. Moreover, the law in Colorado requires that a sufficient amount of time have passed since divorce decree was made final before you apply for a modification. You can’t ask for a modification soon after the divorce decree has been finalized. Courts don’t look kindly on petitions for modifications made soon after the decree is signed.

If you want to make modifications to your divorce decree, alimony or child support agreement, speak to a divorce lawyer in Colorado.