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How to Get a Modification to a Degree Afterwards

If you and your spouse are both in agreement about the terms of the divorce/alimony/child custody degree that you want to get modified, things are automatically easier for you. All you have to do is to file a petition with the court for such modifications. However, things get more complicated if you want a modification to your divorce or child support decree without the approval of your spouse.

In either case, consult with a Colorado divorce lawyer. You may find it very difficult to get a modification to your divorce decree without the cooperation of your spouse, unless you have professional legal help. When you go to meet your attorney, bring the court order that you want modified. For instance, if it is the divorce decree that you want modifications to, bring the original document to your attorney’s office.

Also, be prepared with a valid explanation of why you want the changes. If you are asking for a lowering of the alimony payments that you currently make to your spouse, you must provide a solid explanation as to why you are no longer able to make the payments that have been outlined in the divorce decree. These modification petitions are typically filed when there are changes in a person’s financial circumstances that make it impossible for him to continue making the alimony payments that he was making earlier.

If there have been changes in your financial circumstances, bring along evidence for this. In other words, you must be prepared to provide evidence for why the earlier court order no longer works. Remember, a court will only agree to a modification if it believes that the earlier decree is no longer feasible.

If you are seeking changes to your child custody plan, bring along a copy of the parenting plan that was decided on earlier by the court. This will help the lawyer determine the kind of custody arrangement that you currently have in place and the modifications you are seeking.

Remember, a modification is not a way for you to change things that you did not like about the previous decree. It is a way for you to modify a court order because of the changed circumstances in your life that make it impossible for you to now comply with the order.