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Making the Holidays Memorable for the Children

The holidays hold a special meaning for children, and celebrating the first holiday season after a divorce, can seem unsettling for any single dad. As a father, you are no doubt concerned about how your children will celebrate the holidays, and will go to great lengths to make sure that the holiday season is memorable for your children.

That means that you must put any acrimonious feelings that you have towards your ex on the back burner. Remove all negative feelings from your mind, and focus on cooperating with her to make the children’s holidays enjoyable. The holidays are likely to be memorable only when the two of you agree that the children’s happiness is the top priority this season.

If you can, consider spending the holidays together as one unit with your ex and children. This is easy if you already get along well and have respect for each other. However, if you have a lot of unresolved feelings, and can’t stay in the same room without getting into a quarrel, this arrangement is probably not be the best idea.

Make sure that the kids don’t spend the holidays shuttling from your place to your ex-wife’s. That is not a memorable holiday for the children. Don’t make the mistake of converting the holidays into a family reunion trip, where you are driving the children to your parents’ house, to your ex-wife’s parents’ house, and so on so that everybody gets to see the children. That may not be what the children want.

If possible, consult with your ex-spouse on the gift shopping, so that you both get gifts that the children will like and avoid duplicates of the same gifts.

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