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Long Distance Parenting after Relocation from Colorado

There are several reasons why a divorced father may have to relocate from Colorado. The reasons can include a new job, new business opportunity, job transfer, promotion, remarriage or other factors. In all of these cases, the father’s relocation can immediately complicate the relationship with the children. Therefore, you may want to consider whether the move out of Colorado is worth the strain that it will place on your relationship with your child.

What do you do however, when there is no other choice, but to relocate? A relocation cannot occur unless a court is involved. There are changes that must be made to your child custody or parenting plans to factor in your new living arrangements. You will also have to get used to a long-distance parenting arrangement with your children.

There are ways you can make long-distance parenting work, but it can be difficult. For one, you have to invest in the time and effort to communicate with your child regularly. That doesn’t involve a single formal weekly phone call. It does mean that you frequently communicate not just with your child, but also with the other parent on a regular basis. Out of sight often equals out of mind. If you don’t make the effort to keep in touch with the child’s mother, you may find that the flow of information about your child lessens, until it consists of nothing more than a trickle.

Don’t wait for your child to make the first move. There is much that is happening in his life, and calling you may slip his mind. Be proactive, and make the effort to communicate with your child. Develop a schedule to stay in contact, and follow it vigorously.

Use Internet technologies like Skype, Facetime or other online messaging networks to not just chat with your child, but also to have more personal interaction with him. For instance, you can help with homework online. Make sure that your child is regularly able to share updates and pictures with you. Connect using e-mail, and if he has a cell phone, get her or him to download many of the instant messaging platforms that make it very easy to communicate anytime of the day. Get a web camera, and with the permission of the mother, make sure your child has one fixed on his computer as well. Using technology makes it easier to handle the challenges of long-distance parenting.