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How to Move on After Divorce

Much of the literature focusing on picking up the pieces and moving on after divorce tends to focus on the women. However, men may also find it even difficult, or probably even more difficult to move on, because there’s such a lack of support for them.

Once the divorce has been finalized, it is important for you to give some time to grieve the end of the marriage. It’s also important to understand whether you were at least a little at fault in the end of the marriage. Accept your faults, forgive yourself, and then begin the process of moving on.

Don’t spend too much time focusing on the possible reasons for the divorce. Too many “what ifs” are simply a waste of time.

Make your children the focus of your life after divorce. Your relationship with the children needs to not just continue, but also thrive after the divorce, and if the divorce was an acrimonious one, you might have to make more of an effort to ensure that children are spared any consequences of the bitter divorce.

Try not to overdo the pampering. Men, sometimes acting from a guilty conscience, try to make up for any of their perceived shortcomings during the marriage, and spoil the children. Don’t be that parent that the children can take for granted. Maintain the kind of balance that is necessary to have a fulfilling relationship with your children.

Getting a divorce also leaves you free to begin dating again, but be careful about the kind of dates that you introduce to your children. Typically, keep your children from meeting your dates until you are actually having a serious relationship. There is no need for your kids to meet every woman you date. Also avoid introducing new women to your children, soon after the divorce.