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Explaining Divorce to Young Children

Divorce is traumatic, no matter what the age of the children involved, but you might find that younger children are likely to struggle with insecurity and confusion, much more than older ones.

A small child is less likely to be able to articulate himself and his views as clearly as an older child, and you will understand the reason for regressive behaviors like bed-wetting, thumb sucking and other behaviors that are frequently seen in small children whose parents are divorcing.

Maintaining security in your child’s life is important. Ensure that his routine will continue to be the same, although mom and dad are now living in different houses.

Make it very clear that your child knows the routine of the each day. If you and your spouse plan to take turns picking the child up from school or from daycare, make sure that the child knows who is going to be responsible for picking him up. Make sure that you repeat these messages constantly, so that the child feels secure about his routine.

Don’t get into details about why you and your spouse are separating.

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