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Developing a Divorce Strategy

It can seem cruel and unfair to use the term “strategy” in relation to a divorce. After all, you’re not preparing for battle. However, it is important to note that things can get messy during a divorce, and when people are ill-prepared for all the turns divorce proceedings can take, the consequences for them are very often painful and devastating.

If you have made the decision for divorce, but have not yet spoken to your spouse or anyone else about this, start taking steps that lead to the dissolution of your marriage.

Before you meet with a lawyer, understand what kind of divorce you are looking for. If you want the divorce to be quick, painless, non-acrimonious, and based as much on mutual agreement as possible, you might not want a lawyer who believes in taking every divorce to court. A divorce that settles out of court is much easier on you, your wife and your children.

Also decide whether you want to take the mediation route. That means you look for mediators, and consider all options out there.

Make a complete inventory of all your financial assets, both those that you own solely and those that you own in partnership with your wife. That includes not only the house, the car, and your bank accounts, but also jewelry, heirlooms and other assets.

Think of where you will live after the divorce. If you want to move out, look for apartments. At this point in time, moving in with a new romantic partner might not be the best idea.

Last, but not least, hire an attorney. This is easily the most important step. No matter how easy you expect the divorce to be, you will benefit from having a lawyer on your side. Make no mistake-when it comes to a divorce and the division of assets – and any divorce attorney will attest to this- all remnants of love tend to fly out the window. Your wife will hire the best lawyers she can afford, and so must you.