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Common Divorce Mistakes Many Make

Divorce is tricky ground to negotiate. After all, most people will only get divorced once in their lifetime, and the risk of making mistakes is high. Avoid some of these common mistakes during a divorce.

Failing to stand up for yourself is a big mistake many men make.

No matter whose fault the divorce is, and no matter how guilty you feel about the end of the marriage, you have rights during a divorce. It is important for you to stand up for yourself.

Getting the wrong kind of legal help or advice could mean disaster for you.

Seek out a Colorado family lawyer, one who has experience representing men. Expecting your divorce to end just like your friend’s, or your cousin’s, is a disaster waiting to happen. Every divorce is different, and experiences and settlements are likely to be different.

Badmouthing or talking against your ex-in the presence of the children is a mistake that many make, one that could traumatize the children.

Remember, your ex remains the other parent, and badmouthing her only makes your children feel insecure, confused and traumatized.

Leaving a discussion of the divorce to the wife means that your children will only see one side of it.

Talking about the divorce with the kids – from the announcement to discussing how the divorce will affect the children – is something that the two of you should do together.

Rushing into another relationship as soon as the ink has dried on your divorce papers is another mistake. Wait, get to know yourself again and focus on your new life. Pursue new passions, and build a dream relationship with your children before you decide to move ahead romantically.