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Child Support

If you are a father in a divorce, the court may ask you to pay child support. Child support is calculated based on established guidelines.

Typically, the child support that you are required to pay will depend on the following factors.

  • The gross income of either parent
  • The number of children for whom support is required
  • Childcare costs
  • Health insurance costs and
  • The amount of time that each parent spends with the child during the year

While calculating child support, only your income and the income of the other parent will be included. Income of other people in the in your life, like new romantic partners are not considered, because they do not have a legal responsibility to the child.

You will only be required to pay child support for children for who you have responsibility. Children from your wife’s previous relationships, for instance, are not included in the support.

Under Colorado law, men paying child support may also be eligible for an income tax exemption for support payments. For that, however, it is important to remain current on your income tax payments.

Tips for Paying Child Support

Make sure that you pay child support payments regularly.

Go through all of the paperwork at the time of the issuance of support order, and pay attention to the fine print.

Make sure that you remain in frequent contact with the other parent. Don’t let your hostility over the divorce factor into your relationship with the other parent, and the responsibility to provide support for your child.

Make sure that you’re aware of all responsibilities fully. If you’re not exactly sure of what to pay, or any other details, ask questions.