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Child Custody

In Colorado law, there’s no distinction between genders when it comes to matters related to child custody. This means that you as the father of the child have equal rights to custody of the child, as the mother.

The court will consider whether the best interests of the child are served by joint custody or with some other custody arrangement.

It is possible for you to have an equal custody arrangement in which the child spends a fairly equal amount of time with each parent. This however does not mean that the child’s time will be divided 50/50. The child may end up spending more time with one parent than the other. However, an equal custody arrangement will allow you more time with your child, than an arrangement in which the mother has the primary custody.

If the mother gets custody of the child, you may agree to a parenting plan in which you agree that the child should spend some amount of time with you during weekdays, as well as some amount of time during holidays or vacations.

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