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Celebrating the Holidays as a Single Parent

For many single fathers, holidays can translate into stress and anxiety. There is tremendous pressure on a single dad to make the holidays as memorable as possible for the children.

The key to making the holidays memorable for your children as a single parent, when you have little help at hand, is by keeping things as simple as possible. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that the children want celebrations that are larger than life. Have a simple tree, and choose gifts that are not necessarily very expensive, but that they will love.

Invest time and attention in your kids over the holidays. Your children will want to be with you and enjoy the holidays with you, without having work, financial stress and other distractions take your attention away from them.

Keep the menu simple. It’s okay to indulge in what the children like without worrying too much about health and nutrition this holiday season.

Involve your children in all the holiday celebrations. This is an ideal time for you to begin establishing new holiday rituals that your children can take part in every year. As a single father, you can encourage your children to volunteer at a homeless shelter. This works well for older children. Look for something that you can do with younger children too. Starting new traditions helps children feel like they are part of the celebrations. There’s nothing wrong with using older traditions, but only if they continue to find a place in your new home and family structure.

Keep the guest list small. Only invite people who make your children happy. If holiday season is the only time they get to see your parents, invite them, but avoid inviting a whole bunch of family and relatives who are likely to take over all your time.

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