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Benefits of Mediation for Men in a Divorce

In most divorce cases, a mediation maybe required or suggested before going to trial. Some cases are not recommended for mediation. For instance, in those cases where there is a history of spousal abuse, violence, or where the wife is so hostile that she simply will not agree to a compromise.

A process of mediation involves a disinterested third party. This neutral third party will help the two of you resolve differences, and come to an agreement. Agreement can be reached on all aspects of the divorce, from child support and alimony payments, child custody, and division of assets.

For a man, there are several advantages to the mediation route. For instance, mediation does allow you to maintain some control over the outcome of the divorce. When you allow your case to go to trial, the case is out of your hands, and there is no guarantee that the judge will be sympathetic to your view. During mediation, you can compromise and make some voluntary adjustments to your list of wants that will allow you to protect your interests over the long-term.

Mediation could be less expensive for you than going to court. Taking the case to court makes it more expensive, and you will have to incur heavy attorney fees, legal costs, and court costs.

Mediation is much easier on the children. Mediation is also private, and you can conceal details of the settlement. Court battles are nasty. Once you take the matter to court, all details are in the public eye.