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How to Begin Preparing for Divorce

Making the decision to divorce is not easy. However, preparing for a divorce is crucial.

Make sure that your finances are in order, and make sure that all documentation is in place to avoid any surprises. First, make a complete listing of all your assets, as well as debt. Find out what kind of debts and loans you are liable for. If you have joint credit cards, you’ll continue to be liable for any major expenses that your wife makes on your credit card.

If you have already told your wife that you want a divorce, take the help of an attorney and get a complete disclosure of all assets. That means not just joint bank account statements, but also credit card accounts, mortgage details, student loans, pending taxes, and all kinds of other debt. Often, men are blindsided by nasty surprises from the opposing legal team, and usually these surprises are linked to debt.

Get your own accounts, including your own bank accounts, checking accounts, saving accounts, credit cards, and even your retirement accounts.

Make copies of all bank accounts, statements, property papers, mortgage papers, and other financial documents and keep them in an important secret place.

Talk to a lawyer. A Colorado divorce lawyer will discuss with you about parenting time, child support and alimony that you may have to make, and will help you design strategies for divorce that will protect your financial interests.

Discuss the cost of a divorce with an attorney, and find out how much you can expect in divorce-related expenses. A good lawyer should be able to tell you how to manage your divorce-related expenses, without taking you to the cleaners.

Going into a divorce proceeding completely unprepared, is dangerous.The more prepared you are for the divorce, the less likely you are to be stunned by nasty surprises in court.