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The Amicable Divorce

No one wants their divorce to end up a hostile mess. When you are going through a divorce, you’d like the entire process to go through as smoothly and peacefully as possible, and exposing your children to minimal trauma and anxiety. That isn’t always how things end up. You can take steps to work towards a peaceful and amicable divorce, however. Give mediation a chance. Mediation involves two persons who …Read More

Does the Child Have a Say in Custody Matters in Colorado?

The decision to award child custody is based on a number of factors, including the wishes of the parents, the financial situation of the parents, the emotional stability of the parents, the kind of environment that the parent can provide for the child, and other factors. Typically, the law does not like to involve children in court proceedings, especially when they’re at a young or tender age. However, in Colorado, …Read More

Parenting Classes for Dads in Colorado

When it comes to parenting resources, women seem to have the undue advantage. Most parenting classes, books and other literature are geared towards mothers, and there are a few resources out there available for fathers. When it comes to divorced or separated fathers, those resources are usually scarce. Fortunately, divorced fathers can go to parenting classes that they can take with their ex-spouse to help them in with co-parenting. According …Read More

5 Tips for Divorcing Fathers

There’s plenty of divorce advice out there for women, and provide tips for everything from maintaining sanity, to prioritizing the children. However, there is a less literature for fathers who may be just as traumatized by the divorce. You can make a divorce less stressful on yourself, by following these simple tips. 1. Reconnect with Your Children Look at the divorce as a way for you to actually reconnect with …Read More

Protecting Your Retirement Fund in a Divorce

With all the attention on securing your home, and other financial assets during the divorce, you might fail to hold on to possibly the most valuable asset that you own. The retirement fund, in many cases, is worth even more than the marital home, and it’s important to ensure that your rights are protected when it comes to this key asset. Needless to say, holding onto your retirement funds is …Read More

How to Have an Amicable Divorce

An amicable divorce is not an oxymoron. In spite of all of the stories you hear of nasty divorces, the fact is that it is possible for both of you to terminate your relationship, without bad blood on either side. An amicable divorce doesn’t necessarily have to mean a painless divorce.  The end of a marriage is a painful and traumatic time, and you and your spouse will have many …Read More

What is Parallel Parenting – After a Divorce

Parallel parenting is a parenting arrangement which is a somewhat similar to a co-parenting arrangement. In this type of parenting, divorced parents in Colorado co-parent while maintaining very minimal contact with each other. Unlike in a co-parenting arrangement, in which both parents agree to work together for the benefit of the child, in a parallel parenting arrangement, the parents have as little contact with each other as is possible. Parallel …Read More

Co-Parenting Tips for Colorado Dads

One type of parenting arrangement that Colorado judges are very much in favor of, and which has also been found very beneficial for children, is the co-parenting arrangement. In this type of arrangement, the parents will typically share duties and responsibilities bringing up the child. Studies have indicated that children in co-parenting arrangements enjoy a much more connected relationship with both parents, and actually enjoying greater feelings of stability, compared …Read More

Going Through a Financially Complex Divorce

In some cases, divorces involve significant assets, properties in the form of real estate, and investments, while in other cases, the divorce may be financially complex because of the couple’s interests in a business. Smart negotiations with the help of an experienced Colorado divorce attorney on your side are key to protecting your interests when you’re involved in a divorce that involves significant assets. If your marriage involves assets such …Read More

Financial Considerations After Divorce

Once the divorce papers have been signed and finalized, you should take steps to ensure that your finances continue to be protected even after the divorce. One of the first things that you should do is to go through your will and other estate planning documents, and make sure that your ex-wife’s name is struck off of them. The sheer number of men, who fail to take this very basic …Read More