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How to Have an Amicable Divorce – Tips for Men

Divorces are hardly painless. However, some couples realize that divorce doesn’t necessarily have to mean endless fights, hate-mail, or showdowns in front of the children. A divorce, like the latter, in fact, is scarring and traumatizing for children. Parents can choose to work together with their ex-spouses to make the divorce process amicable for themselves and for their children.


In order to have a friendly divorce, it’s important to communicate. Talk to your ex –wife about how you want your relationship to be after the divorce, whether you want to continue to remain friends, and maintain contact with each other, even beyond matters that relate to the children.

Discuss how you’ll make visitation plans, and how you will handle the inevitable new relationships that each of you will begin after divorce. In the beginning, try to talk to each other about important aspects of the divorce without introducing a mediator. That indicates to your wife that you trust her, and want to continue maintaining that trust in your relationship, moving forward. Establish an acceptable daily routine for custody of the children, and for visitation.

Have honest and frank discussions about financial matters related to the divorce. Make sure that all old bills are paid, and that all loose financial strings are tied up. One of the easiest way to trigger hostility in a relationship is to mess up finances. When you’re able to deal with financial matters in a healthy manner, you have a much better chance of having a friendly divorce.

Begin your own life as a single man without harboring anger or resentment towards your ex-wife. Remove things from your home that remind you too much of old memories, and prevent you from moving forward.