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During the divorce, a judge will determine whether one of the spouses will be awarded spousal maintenance payments to assist the spouse in covering his/her basic needs. Alimony is not awarded automatically, and courts in Colorado look at a number of factors to determine whether a person needs alimony payments and the amount of alimony.

Those factors could include the standard of living that you and your wife enjoyed before the marriage, as well as your ability to pay alimony. The court will also consider your ability to continue meeting your own expenses while simultaneously meeting the alimony needs of your ex-wife.

It’s critical to protect your interests during this period of time because alimony payments can continue for many years. You can expect your spouse’s divorce attorneys to become very aggressive over this issue during a divorce, and you will need to retain legal counsel on your side.

Broadly, if you have been married for a long period of time, you may be expected to pay alimony to your wife. If the marriage lasted just two years, for instance, you may not be required to pay alimony. The court will consider the duration of the marriage while considering alimony payments.

You might find that your wife chooses to stay at home, even though she has income earning potential, and live off the alimony payments that you make. In such cases, you can take recourse to legal action to ensure fairness in the alimony payments that you are required to make.

For help protecting your interests in a divorce, speak to a our men’s divorce lawyer in Colorado.