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After a Divorce

The issuance of the divorce decree finalizes the divorce. However, there are are few things to do even after the divorce degree.

The first thing to do is to read a copy of the divorce decree. You might know exactly what is contained in the decree, but go through it anyway. If you notice any errors in the divorce decree, bring these to the attention of your lawyer as quickly as possible.

There may be several instructions and orders that you may have to comply with, and it’s important to know the details of these orders. You must also note the deadline for complying with these orders. If your divorce decree has ordered you to pay child support, you may have to begin making the payments immediately.

Your divorce decree will also lay down guidelines for the transfer of assets as part of the divorce settlement. If your division of assets involves you transferring some property, such as a home, to your spouse, that also needs to be taken care of. Your divorce decree will not only order you to complete these actions, but will also set down a deadline for you to take these actions. Adhere to those deadlines strictly.

Keep in mind, just because the divorce decree has been issued does not mean that your spouse will not take further legal action if you fail to comply with any of the terms of the decree.

Also remember, that strict legal action can be taken against you for failing to comply with the terms of a court order. For instance, if you fail to make child support payments, your ex-spouse could actually take you to court and hold you in contempt of court, for your failure to obey a court-issued support order.