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Advantages of Settling Your Divorce out of Court

Before you decide to take your divorce proceedings to court, you will go through a process of negotiations with your spouse and her lawyers. The aim of these negotiations is to reach a settlement that is mutually acceptable to both of you.

There are a number of advantages to settling a divorce in this manner, as opposed to going to court.

For one thing, it’s much easier and simpler to settle your divorce out of court. Once you go to a court, you can be dragged into a lengthy legal proceeding, which means that you have to deal with petitions, hearings, motions, and all the legal action that must take place before you have a decision.

Settling is much less expensive than going to court. A divorce can go on for months, and in the case of a complicated divorce, can actually be prolonged for years. If the marriage involves significant assets, for instance, your wife is not likely to accept a decision very easily, and could appeal decisions, prolonging the divorce even longer. That only adds to your court costs and attorney fees.

You may find that it’s much more advantageous for you to settle a divorce, and move on with your life and your job, than to go to court and deal with the stresses of the judicial system for months after.

Besides, once you take the matter to court, it is out of your hands. It is now up to the court or judge to make decisions related to your life, and you may not necessarily be satisfied with the decision that the judge makes. In other words, don’t automatically assume that going to court will help you get your way -the decision may not be in your favor.

To understand whether settling would be more beneficial in your case, speak to a Colorado divorce lawyer.